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March 29th 2016

Creating beautiful jewellery from old T-shirts

Posted by E17 Designers

Environmental charity Hubbub are running a workshop this Sunday, on creating beautiful jewellery from old T-shirts


Camden Arts Centre, 3rd April 11am-12.30pm


March 24th 2016

Pricing your work

Posted by E17 Designers



We are making work that is designed and hand made: we often under price our work, but we need to know our market and what it will bear.


Try and have higher costed work - maybe for commission and one off's, and also have lower priced work - for multiples, cheaper items using off cuts of materials etc.

If you price too low, you are devaluing your work. If you price to high, you will lose sales!

Your selling price should be set at what the “market” (the outside world of retail) will bear - if you are selling your work to shops you should have a “wholesale” price that shops multiply to be a retail price to cover all their overheads (see notes below) Compared to when selling at a fair, where you can discount your prices by about 20% (so that you are not undercutting those retail outlets too much). So somewhere between a wholesale price and retail price would be acceptable? Your overheads are lower so you can afford to sell for less.


Eg if your “wholesale” price you have worked out is £20 a shop will mark up to maybe £50 or more (2.5 times)….try to sell direct for £35-40? (20% less)





Do your research:

Market research - look at competition at similar markets (discreetly-do not ask direct questions, please use your judgement), ask friends and colleagues what they would pay. Visit shops that sell similar work - their mark up will be approx. 2.5 to 3 times the price a designer has asked for. Remember their prices will reflect all their costs: rent, rates, insurance, wages, utilities, storage and stock control etc.

Factors when thinking about pricing will include fashion, materials, skill, rarity of a design…..

Galleries etc will take a different cut, and are more likely to be sale or return, so you risk the return of grubby, even broken products…



Online - eg Etsy, Folksy - they will have a smaller mark up (or percentage commission-maybe an upfront fee, or 25-30% of takings) Either way, their costs are a lot lower, because the seller is doing the work - stock will be sent direct by you to the buyer, the seller is responsible for insurance, storage, postage, uploading and sorting images etc.







Materials (raw materials you need)


Overheads (running a studio/working area - electricity, maintenance of tools, rent or mortgage) then expenses (post, travel, insurance, accountants….) and on top of that equipment and stock. Paying fees for memberships, subscriptions and tables at fairs.


Labour - how much you pay yourself-you could work on the minimum you would like to earn in a year, and estimate it at an hourly rate.


Marketing - costs of photography, business cards, advertising, a website? Get the right image and a nice business card and you may only need to do this once.






Materials = £’s

Labour= £’s


Total= £’s


This will equal a cost price, add 40-50% and see what that comes to - if you can sell it to shops at this price (wholesale) they will mark it up x 2.5/3 times to give a retail price.


If this retail price seems too expensive, or indeed you are selling direct at a fair then reduce by 20%……and try it!




Show your prices clearly so that people aren’t too embarrassed to ask - or have a price list to hand.


Aim high - have a selection of higher priced work on display, that can be more commission based work. But you can always discount it with a special offer.


Have a selection of lower priced work, maybe in multiples (eg brooches, badges, off cuts etc) still very much your style and designs…maybe they’ll buy this then come back for something else.




E17 Designers


There is no rule - we aren’t all professionals and we agreed that other reasons for doing E17 Designers (even if you don’t sell) are:


Networking, interaction with customers (the Art Trail is a good example) feeling part of a community, supporting other areas of work (eg workshops, supplies, teaching etc) and just having an outlet for your creativity..



Good Luck

March 20th 2016

Re: Stalls at the May Day Fair in Lloyd Park

Posted by E17 Designers

Friends of Lloyd Park are seeking expressions of interest from anyone who would like to take part at this years’ May Day Fair in Lloyd Park. The event is on Monday, May 2nd this year. 

"""All you need to do is reply to folpeventse17@gmail.comby Friday 1st April and we will get back in touch with you with more details. This year stalls cost £30 which will need to be paid in full, in advance. Charities will be free.


We are also looking at the possibility of hiring out gazebos again. We need to have a look at how many we have access to compared to how many people want to hire them. For now can you let me know if you would be interested in hiring one and I will confirm once we have all the numbers in.


We are not able to provide tables and chairs though so you’ll need to provide these yourselves.






Friends of Lloyd Park Events""""""

March 17th 2016

May 7th event, Mirth, booking opens Monday 21st!

Posted by E17 Designers

May 7th Spring event in Mirth Bar: Space will be allocated allowing for a 6ft rail or a table. Please note that the unfortunatley it will be mix and match of pub tables, borrowed or hired tables so if anyone has a table (max. 6ft) they would like to use and can bring easily then please mention when booking in the notes section. 

Fashion makers using rails will be encouraged! I would like to promote this as a fashion fair as well to add interest so ideally all of you with rails of adult and kids lovely handmade garments will apply, plus bags jewellery etc.  We will just have to see how we can fit!  

March 17th 2016

July 16 and 17 Garden Party events

Posted by E17 Designers

Booking opens Monday 21st March.

It wil be in a large well covered marquee and the last two years have seen visitors total 34,000 over the two days.

Open times 12-7  (event times 12-10 and 12-9 on Sunday)

We can get 6ft tables and also chairs.

If you choose both days, please make sure you mention your first choice in case we can't offer both.

Note: £65 per table space approx 6ft




March 17th 2016

Membership renewal

Posted by E17 Designers


renew during March to receive priority bookings and the usual: also do take this opportunity to update photos if you have any new ones.


Paying for events and membership: By cheque: make payable to E17 Designers with your name on the back as a reference, and send to:

E17 Designers
105 Farnan Avenue
E17 4NH

By bank transfer:

E17 Designers
a/c 13563715
sort code - 20 53 00

important: use your name as a reference. Please email when the remittance has been set up. 

March 14th 2016

Dates for 2016 so far

Posted by E17 Designers


May 7th 12-5  Designer Fair  (Downtown Fashion) venue: Mirth (EMD pop up bar, Hoe Street - the old cinema building, check it out!) Unfortunatley it will be mix and match tables so if anyone has a table they would like to use and can bring easily then I will remind you to mention when booking. Fashion makers using rails will be encouraged!

July  16 and 17 (times tbc usually all day 12-7) Walthamstow Garden Party 

16th October  Autumn Designer Market.

27 November Christmas Market 1  Waltham Forest Community Hub (Asian Centre)

4 December Christmas Market 2  Waltham Forest Community Hub (Asian Centre)

March 14th 2016

Make a mini protest banner

Posted by E17 Designers


Craft and protest have been long linked. From the beautifully embroidered suffragette and trade union banners, to the provocative Craftivist Collective. And it?s something that women have always been at the centre of.

On Saturday 2nd April we?ll be at The Mill in Walthamstow getting people to make a mini protest banner, inspired by the stories of women activists we?ve collected so far. The banners will be hung at the site of activism, like an alternative blue plaque, while others will be used in our exhibition this summer.

We?ll be using a fairly simple design, so that people of all ages and experiences can join in. We?d particularly welcome young people ? boys and girls ? so they can learn about the history, and understand where some of their rights and privileges have come from.

We also hope people will come along with stories of their own. We know there are so many incredible women doing amazing work out there. We want to shine a light on as many of them as possible.

Places are free, but limited. For more information, and to book a place, visit


Handmade by Fluster Design