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November 18th 2016

Night Feast: Gazebo is now available, please apply direct to Chris!

Posted by E17 Designers

Hello Designers,

I understand that arranging a gazebo to trade at Night Feast has been difficult for many of you, especially as it's not a regular thing you need for other trading opportunities. I have a solution - we have a large 6 x 3m gazebo that could be used to house at least six traders on separate tables. It can go in the middle of the space in between the food stalls, creating a separate designers area.
We would still need for you to arrange a table for yourselves and perhaps some lights to decorate it, then it will look fantastic. For those interested in trading at the Christmas market on December 9th, please contact me at

November 18th 2016

Christmas Fayre on Saturday 26th Nov

Posted by E17 Designers
One for the E4 postcode:
""Handsworth Primary school in Highams park e4 is holding a Christmas Fayre on Saturday 26th Nov in the school hall. There will be stalls selling cakes, crafts, jam, toys etc. We are raising funds for the school, the Fayre is well attended by parents, there are approx 470 pupils at the school.
The table fee is £15 (paid in advance) plus donation of a raffle prize.  The Fayre is on sat 26 Nov from 11am -3pm, table set up from approx 10am.
The address of the school is
Handsworth Primary School
32 Handsworth Avenue
Highams Park ( near Chingford/Woodford)
E4 9PJ
Katherine Buckee
07989748 420

November 16th 2016

Stow Inspired Christmas Pop-up Shop

Posted by E17 Designers


You can also find out more about the campaign and the opportunities to participate in a Stow Inspired Christmas Pop-up Shop, which is due to open on 28 November at Hoe Street Central, by visiting: 

November 15th 2016

Poets’ Corner Christmas Fair 4th December

Posted by E17 Designers

Another outside one, sorry, please apply direct!




Poets’ Corner Christmas Fair 4th December


NEW LOCATION : Church Hill end of Aubrey Road on Sunday 4th December from 11:30 to 3:30.


Instead of the usual evening event, this year we’re ringing the changes and planning our first daytime Christmas Fair and we’re asking residents who would like to be involved to let us know.


There’ll be games, local shops and Santa’s grotto as well as carols



Stall holders: Free if bring own table OR rent from us for £5. We can supply some canopies.


Setting up time 10.30-11.15.


Car parking is free in the residential zones on Sundays but no parking on the approach to the location except to drop off.



Main contact is Barry -

November 15th 2016

Invitation to participate: Chats Palace Makers Market Saturday 17 December 2016

Posted by E17 Designers

Please use info below to apply: "After the success of the Chats Palace Christmas Makers Market last year we are delighted to announce that we will be holding our second Makers Market on Saturday 17 December 2016 from 3pm to 9pm.

We would like to invite artists/designers/makers to apply to participate, an info sheet on the market is attached, including details of pitch, what we provide, the schedule and the fee. If you are interested in participating, please complete and return to us by Friday 25 November with photos/web site links on your product. We’ll be back in touch by Monday 28 November to confirm if we will be able to invite you to be part of our market. I will then be in touch for additional details so we can start the promotional campaign.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Kind regards

Laura May



Saturday 17 December 2016

13.00 -15.00 1st Floor traders only access and set up in Studio + Blue Room

13.15 Heath + Safety briefing for Ground Floor traders

14.00 Heath + Safety briefing for Ground Floor traders

14.00 – 14.45 Gr Floor traders only access and set-up in Theatre

15.00 market opens to public

21.00 market closes

21.00-22.00 traders close stalls, pack and depart


We provide: (per pitch/stall)

2 chairs, 1 trestle table approx. 80cm x 160cm

Pitch fee: £28.00 to be paid in advance by bacs



On-site catering is by Northern Imagination at the Library Bar at Chats Palace – we regret that we are unable to provide facilities to make your own tea/coffee or to use your own kettle.


Makers Details

·       Name:

·       Address:

·       Email & website:

·       Mobile

·       Twitter:

·       FB:

·       Instagram:


Your product:



Copy (100 words):



Promotional photographs:



Company/Promoter Logo:


November 10th 2016

Barbican Masterclasses

Posted by E17 Designers

These are excelletn this is the next one:


Getting Your Message Across
Tue 15 Nov, 7 – 9pm
Leytonstone Library, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG
Learn how to package your marketing message to different audiences but still hold onto the core of what you do. This session will be led by marketing expert Jo Sealy who will explain how to develop a communication style that is consistent and adaptable and help you understand the best ways to communicate with your audiences.

Jo Sealy is the Creative Director of  To Market, a marketing services agency. She has extensive experience of working with community interest companies to plan and create creative marketing that builds their brand and engages their communities.

Book here:

November 10th 2016

Applications now open for Central Parade units:

Posted by E17 Designers

Applications now open for Central Parade units: Antonietta has one now, she is in the new Facebook group if you want to ask her experience:

November 9th 2016

Christmas special market on Friday 9th December 5pm - late.

Posted by E17 Designers


Please contact Chris direct: as he suggest, if you share a gazebo, you could make a horseshoe from 3 pasting/camping tables?



Dear E17 Designers,
Christmas is upon us and we're gearing for a one-off Christmas special market on Friday 9th December 5pm - late. We're planning to make the evening festive, with choirs, singalong carols, competitions and a CHRISTMAS ARTS & CRAFTS market. We will be advertising in the council's newspaper and listing in timeout.
We'd love to have a variety of traders on board and will expand the market area into the space below the big screen. The pitch fee for arts and crafts is £25. You will need to provide your own gazebo, table and lights. I'm happy for people to partner up under the same gazebo. If you're concerned about having to buy one, you probably know someone who will have one of the cheap ones (sold at Argos). 
Please let us know by 3pm on Monday 11th Nov if you'd like to attend and be ready to pay the non-refundable pitch fee of £25 paid into the Night Feast account. Your place will be confirmed with the payment.
Please note that in the unlikely event of a cancellation of the event by Night Feast, then the deposit will be refunded.
Any questions then please let me know. You can contact me at 
Chris Evans

November 7th 2016

November news

Posted by E17 Designers

November 7th 2016

Toy Safety: if you are selling your products as TOYS, here is a useful blog

Posted by E17 Designers

Toy Safety: if you are selling your products as TOYS,  here is a useful blog about how a designer had to make her “sock toys” conform to Toy Safety.  This blog is to help you to be aware, not to scare you:

·      In June 2011 the law regarding toy safety changed when the Toy Safety Directive 2011 came into force.

·      This stated that: any product (mass produced or handmade) that looked like a toy or was a toy that had play value should be tested to ensure it was safe for any child (under the age of 14) from birth and should carry the CE mark to show it is safe.

·      A sign saying not suitable for under 3s is no longer allowed, unless there is a factor in the toy that means due to dexterity or developmental levels a child under 3 couldn’t manage to play with the toy (e.g. a doll with clothes that can be removed). There are many products that this applies to that aren’t necessarily ‘toys’ such as cushions that are shaped and are obviously for children, pencil rolls and even children’s ‘taggies’. There are some exemptions such as memory bears, where the clothes are supplied by the customer and the finished item is not a toy and art dolls aimed at adults with a high price tag to indicate that they are not a toy. Christmas decorations do not need to be tested.

To ensure toys meet the directive and the supplier doesn’t get caught with a £5000 fine or even a prison sentence:

·      toys must be tested to ensure they are safe.

·      the company Comformance supplies self-certification packs that provide the necessary information to being able to test from home.

·      In this instance the maker carries out the tests (weight, flammability, small components), obtains certificate for the fabrics used, and keeps on file a record of the tests.

·      This file (the technical file) must be kept for 10 years.  I was very nervous when I first started testing and was amazed at how strong socks can be – the weight test stretches seams with 7.2kg of weights (see photo of a little tail being pulled on a Rudolph!). Burning the animals to make sure they are safe is slightly alarming though! Being part of a ‘sock toy group’ on Facebook was invaluable in helping me better understand the various tests I had to do and to help buy the certificates to show the socks were safe to use and passed ‘chemical migration tests’. These certificates were bought after the socks were sent to testing labs.

No toys should be sold without the CE mark and I do know of makers that have had their businesses shut down after trading standards have either found them selling online or at a market. Trading standards have been helpful to me when I wanted to try a new product and didn’t know if it was classified as a toy. However, I have heard that trading standards in different areas have differing views about what needs to be tested so it’s always best to check with your own trading standards. 

To start the ‘CE’ journey I’d recommend contacting Conformance ( and the facebook group CE marked soft toy support network. Finally, while I have tried to simplify soft toy testing anyone looking to do this should look into the issue themselves as knowing the legal requirements is necessary and trading standards give different information depending on where they are.  For more in-depth information regarding the law and testing I’d recommend reading the section on ‘Handmade toys – CE marking’ here


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