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February 28th 2013

Membership 2013

Posted by Ray Sims

Thanks to those of you who have paid up already-Andrea Morton was quick off the draw, first booked!

If you want to sign up for "Membership 2013" it is showing up in "Your Events", either tick the first box for "Half Table £20" (can't change it to 'fee' without messing up the usual event bookings.....), and then type "I have paid Bacs" or" I have sent a cheque"  OR  just email me, I am happy to do the booking part for you once I know you have paid, thanks to those who already have!

February 28th 2013

Dates for 2013

Posted by E17 Designers

Dates booked so far are all at the Asain Centre, I have booked the dates quickly as they put their prices up in 2011 and say they might put them up again!

We have paid the £200 deposit already.

Approximateley every 8-10 weeks:

Friday 17th May evening 6-10 (open 7pm)

Saturday 5th October daytime 1-6  (open 2-6)

Friday November 29 evening 6-10 (open 7pm)

30th November afternoon 1-6 (open 2-6)

plus dates to be confirmed in July, probably before the end of school term:

13 –14th or 20-21st

Farmers Market and other pop ups booked if we can, or if other opportunities arise.

Researching Wood Street Indoor Market, William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park (Aveling Park centre, behind the new cafe)


February 28th 2013

E17 Designers Spring Social

Posted by E17 Designers

Rose and Crown, Hoe Street, Friday 15th March, from 8pm, back of the bar by the pool table, I have reserved the raised area.

It's the beginning of our membership year so we will invite new people who want to join up as well to get a chance to meet.

You are all welcome to the drop in anytime to the Knit/Make club that a few of us attend (also includes civilians..) on the First Tuesday and Third Wednesday of the month-next meet-up on Wednesday 20th March.

February 25th 2013


Posted by E17 Designers

Rebecca (Girl with Beads) is doing a little bit of Facebook for us: she has suggested it would be a good idea to ask those of you with facebook pages to 'like' each others pages to boost your own, and other designers in the groups "likes", and spread the word about each other - and also to like the E17 Designers facebook page. So I know not many of you do facebook, but if you do why not do a quick search through some of the designers categories on the website, and if a facebook page is listed on a designers page, just click over and like!

February 25th 2013

The Friends of Henry Maynard School [FoHMS]

Posted by E17 Designers

The Friends of Henry Maynard School [FoHMS]

Please come along and join us for a brand new FoHMS event:-

Saturday Crafts

Saturday 16 March 2013.
10.00am to 1.00pm

In the school hall at:-

Henry Maynard Primary School
Maynard Road
E17 9HP

Entrance fee – Adults: 50p  Children: Free

The event will include:-

Arts and crafts activities for children [50p to £1.00]
Local artists and crafts people selling their work.
Refreshments [cakes and drinks].

This is a fund raising event. All money raised from this event will go directly to the school to be spent on projects which will benefit the 840 children who attend Henry Maynard Primary School.

We are inviting local amateur and professional arts and crafts people to attend the event and sell their work.

Sellers tables cost £10.00 each and the seller keeps his/her profits.
Tables to be booked and paid for in advance.

For more information please e-mail the FoHMS [The Friends of Henry Maynard School]

February 25th 2013

Fancy a cafe of your own?

Posted by E17 Designers

""Chance to run your own cafe/restaurant in a indoor market in Wood Street,
Walthamstow. The cafe has all the facilities and we are looking for a
someone who is passionate about food, people, atmosphere, service to take
over as the current tenant is leaving.  We will offer a reduced rent for
the first 6 months for the right person. If you are interested or need more
details please email. We will go through a selection and tasting process.


February 20th 2013

Membership notes (also in PDF in Members downloads)

Posted by E17 Designers


E17 Designers is a community group of designers, makers and artists who live or work in the area. It is very popular, and there is a waiting list, so this means that designers must have a good quality selection of work to show. Membership, table fee and an entrance fee are used for the promotion of the markets, and all associated costs*.  E17 Designers Membership fees: £20 per year (March to March). At the beginning of the membership year, names on the waiting list will be advised how to join.


Events are filled on a first come first served list, based on the size of venue and number of tables-a table fee is charged per space, per event. 2013 fee will be £30 for members. Events are usually between 3-5 hours.


Priority advance booking is given to previous exhibitors/members each time to encourage the community feeling, however there are often tables that then become open to the waiting list (non-members). Non-members can do an event where tables are still available at a higher one-off rate. This enables people to try out a market before they join. For example, both the E17 Art Trail and the Leytonstone Art Trail were events where people who were new to the group got involved.


All exhibitors are expectedto:

Ø    collect a few posters and flyers included in the table cost

Ø    display on their front windows and distribute them amongst their friends/contacts

Ø    an email flyer can also be sent out to e-contacts /used on social media


It is very important that participants distribute flyers and posters in their areas, to keep the costs of distribution down, which in turn keeps the table cost down, and brings new customers to events to shop!


Brief: All products should be:

Ø    made, designed and produced by each maker, where possible

Ø    products so far range from original letterpress and art prints and cards to vintage fabric bags, leather accessories, small furniture, ceramics, glass, chidrenswear, dolls, hand screen printed tee shirts and illustrators magazines, bead, button or silver jewellery

Ø    small, affordable pieces of work to give a variety for customers, even if the main product is more expensive

Ø    varied and not too repetitive in design, so that visitors get as wide a choice as possible of styles and prices. 


Membership benefits:

Ø    your own web page, with 2 images, website link (your own website or etsy etc.) social media links and contact details, and the opportunity to post your own news (in your blog)

Ø    a membership area that will advertise local networking, training and trading opportunities (via a regular member to member news email) and also publicise other local events, supporting the creative community

Ø    an external blog which will continue to highlight designers work and help with publicity

Ø    Press releases sent to a customer and press mailing list (running at over 1200 email addresses)

Ø    posters distributed widely and a marketing campaign via social and news media for each event.


You can see the record of Press gained on the website, appearing regularly in Time Out, Evening Standard and many London wide listings sites.


Opportunities so far have included:


Ø    showcases at the Vestry House Museum and William Morris Gallery

Ø    Valentines Day 2012 display at the opening of Wood Street Market

Ø    a social media workshop

Ø    pricing your work session

Ø    a special offer for professional product images taken by Nicola Tree

Ø    a pop up stall at the Farmers Market

Ø    a fundraiser event, Valentines Day 2013, for the newly opened William Morris Gallery, raising money for the Gallery but also a very high profile event for the E17 Designers.

Ø    Social get togethers at least once a year


E17 Designers- different from other markets:


Ø    low cost way of promoting yourself

Ø    an online presence that is live all year round, giving you the opportunity to use it as a link in any correspondence, even if you decide not to do events.

Ø    widely known and recognised as an event where people can buy well priced and designed work with variety and affordability

Ø     customers can meet the maker and also enjoy a sociable atmosphere where entry includes music, a prize draw to win a goody bag, and often a free drink

Ø    social events accessible to all of the community, numbering hundreds at each event

Ø    proven opportunity for selling your work

Ø    proven opportunity for promoting your product, and any other service you may offer

Ø    making contacts for other events and with other designers

Ø    proven to increase confidence to start up a new business

Ø    proven to increase confidence to exhibit at larger trade fairs


We are an unincorporated association that means we are self funding and rely on membership to help with our costs.


*Membership fees: the membership money is used to support aspects of the group:  these include developing, hosting and managing the website, marketing, networking and setting up social events, and showcases where we cannot charge a fee, but organize displays of work. This also includes events where a table fee covers hire costs and posters but where we do not take an entrance fee (eg the Mill, William Morris Gallery).  Associated costs will be covered by an entrance fee and the table fee: marketing and organizing each event, hall hire, volunteer and music expenses, drinks (where offered free) public liability, licensing, posters and flyers.

February 20th 2013

Skill share in return for a free half table

Posted by E17 Designers

Table prices raised to £30: If anyone wants to offer a "how to price your work" session in return for a free half of a table, please let me know, as this may help you manage costs in the next year, at our events as well as others. 

February 14th 2013

Waltham Forest Arts Club News

Posted by E17 Designers

Read this if you want to get involved:

February 14th 2013

E17 Designers Spring Social

Posted by E17 Designers

It's almost exactly a year since our last annual social event so do put Friday 15th March, evening,  in your diary.

It's the beginning of our membership year so we will invite new people who want to join up as well to get a chance to meet.

Venue TBC just put the date in your diary, usually a casual table at the back of the Rose and Crown, or the Bell, or even the Chequers if it is open by then.

You are all welcome to the drop in anytime to the Knit/Make club that a few of us attend (also includes civilians..) on the First Tuesday and Third Wednesday)


February 14th 2013

Knit/Make Club

Posted by E17 Designers

Come along to the Bell (Forest Road, Bell Corner)

Knit/Make Club

Wednesday 20th February from 8pm

February 14th 2013

Valentines Day at the William Morris Gallery

Posted by E17 Designers

We haven't been given official numbers but the upstairs market attracted 400 paying visitors over the day. So the Gallery raised some good funds from our table rent and ticket sales!  Plus our goodies for their bags! I'll email the designers who participated separately for feedback.

This is their message:

"Well done for Saturday, it was fantastic to see the Gallery so full of high quality handmade crafts"

There is more room there but the health and safety meant that the visitor numbers were restricted at times. But we think this puts us in a good position to negotiate more events, so watch this space.

February 14th 2013

Membership and dates for 2013

Posted by E17 Designers

We are provisionally booking some dates at the Asain Centre soon, so we will let you know availability. Bookings will open in March when you can also renew membership.

February 14th 2013

Have any new images?

Posted by E17 Designers

If you have any new images and you can't fit them on to your page (you are allowed two!) then email me and I will invite you to our drop box folder.

Here I am starting to file/save images, as well as on the website. If they are good, I can send them to Time Out etc and also Clare or Mike can access them easily for posters/press releases etc. It saves me filling up my computer memory.



February 14th 2013

Great article about selling and reminder of photo session with Nicola Tree

Posted by E17 Designers

A special offer from Nicola Tree and a reminder why:

30minute session, in the studio £50 Client receives 1 high
resolution files Tiff or Jpeg.
One hour session, in the studio £100 client receives 2 high
resolution files Tiff or Jpeg.
One and a half hour session, in the studio £150 client
receives 5 high resolution files Tiff or Jpeg.
Extra shots from any shoot will cost
1 extra image £40
2 extra images £30 each
3-5 extra images £25 each


Contact Nicola Tree:


And read this as to why:

February 14th 2013

Knitting & Crocheting Art Exhibition

Posted by E17 Designers

This will be another opportunity to get your work seen if you work in knit/crochet or use related imagery, and she will collaborate with other units working there- Alessandra will style the shop using furniture and display pieces of art/craft relevant to her theme, in the hope that a retail space may come out of this:

"My name is Alessandra and I'm organising an art exhibition at the Wood Street Market. The theme is Knitting & Crocheting.

I'm looking for stories, photos, prints, illustrations, paintings, drawings and of course knitted and crochet items. The idea is to show the beauty, the potentials and craziness about this two amazing crafts. The items can be for sale or display only. A special dress made by your mum when she was young, a picture of you wearing your crocheted bikini, the gloves that you just bought from an amazing new designer, the beautiful toys knitted by you etc...etc...

The exhibition will take place in a new unit under closed doors. All the information and contact details will be available outside the unit. I'm starting to collect items from today. Please drop me a line or send me a picture. I'll start to work in the unit from next Monday 18th of February. The exhibition will run for at least 2 weeks.

I'm looking forward to share with you my passion for knitting and crocheting.

Alessandra Rigillo
07971 255 705

February 14th 2013

Mothers Day event at Chingford (Forest Arts and Crafts)

Posted by E17 Designers

Follow the link-stalls available--why not pop over to this, it's a big hall just off the main part of Chingford Green near the shops.

February 14th 2013

Workshop Opportunity

Posted by E17 Designers

The William Morris Gallery is looking for a freelance artist educator who has experience working with photography to design and deliver a Family Day on Saturday 30 March. Attached is a brief for this piece of work with further information. To apply please send a short written proposal along with your CV and examples of previous work to Rebecca by Tuesday 19 February. This event is linked to the next exhibition at the William Morris Gallery which will not be installed until 23 February, please base your proposal on the information in the brief, the chosen freelancer will then work this up more fully once the exhibition has opened.

February 14th 2013

International Womens Day

Posted by E17 Designers

A chance to show your work  (NB this isn't a market as such, more of a network, but if you want to contact Grace for a stall, on the day sales won't be disencouraged...)


"I am writing to you to invite you - as a woman who does stuff in Walthamstow to 'bring your stall' to our event on 9th March, 2.00 - 6.00 pm for women in Walthamstow. The plan is to gather as many women from Walthamstow as we can in one place in celebration of International Women's Day.

The event will be held at the Greenleaf Baptist Church. The afternoon will include:
An opportunity for women to network together. There is plenty of room for women who want to come and talk to women about what they do. The focus will be on women doing something interesting in Walthamstow, for example campaigning, arts and crafts, community projects, hobby groups. Have you got something you want to tell other local women about? Do you want to get other women involved?
A discussion about how women in Walthamstow work together in future, with a panel of speakers
A chance to try something new - workshops on everything from creative writing to laughter to bellydancing.
A creche (and play area) for those who need a space for children.
If you would like space for a stall, or if you would like to run a half hour workshop or just come along, please get in touch. If you know other women who should be there, please pass this invite along...

I hope to see you all there.


Grace Williams
William Morris Big Local Project
Resident Volunteer Coordinator
tel: 07582 093 576

twitter Grace Williams@WMBigLocal

February 7th 2013

Membership and dates for 2013

Posted by E17 Designers

We will sort out dates shortly; Spring -May, Summer-early July  Autumn-late September/early October  Xmas-last weekend November x 2 or 3...?

February 7th 2013

Wood Street Indoor Market

Posted by E17 Designers


At the moment I can't commit to setting it up for E17 Designers however that is not to rule out a pop up or similar if they are available at a low rate going in to the Spring/Summer.

This is all I have, it's a great opportunity but I don't have much info about how much commitment you would need to give, open times etc.

Units are 8ft x 6ft.

They were wondering if there any artists that would like to show case works for free.

It would be secure and managed by the Market, make the units look good, and gives  artists a chance to show their work.


February 7th 2013

Something for the kids before you pop over to E17 Designers at the William Morris Gallery

Posted by E17 Designers

art workshop


Sat, 9 February, 14:00 – 16:00

The Mill

Living room (map)

Drop in workshop and competition for older children, teens and adults - create a "super hero" comic book style- best creation will get into a comic !
donation of £2 for the `Mill


Handmade by Fluster Design