Yaarit Mechany Design Studio

Yaarit Mechany is an Israeli product designer and artist based in the UK. After beginning her creative career in Tel - Aviv where she studied, taught, and opened her design studio, she moved to London in 2012 to pursue further studies in product design at the Royal College of Art. 
She recently expanded her design work and started creating collages and hand made jewellery.
Yaarit Mechany's first jewellery collection combines various materials such as resin, papier mache, polymer clay, precious and semi precious stones. The collection is joyful and trendy. 
Having always been keen to explore the line between nature, art, and design in her work, Yaarit found that, while taking time out on maternity leave, her mind soon wandered back to these themes. What then started as an exercise in collecting images for inspiration, quickly evolved into a series of collages.



Handmade by Fluster Design