Luflie Dolls
Vintage fabrics, faux fur, fabric paint
Mum Cut My Hair Luflie dolls come in various shapes and sizes. These girls are created from vintage fabrics and a sense of humour. Go on, give a Luflie a home!

vintage fabrics, faux fur, safety eyes
Broozers are special creatures. Destined to be your best friend despite their poor tooth hygiene! A must for those with an eye for the different!!!

Stacey Hamilton-Hall

Maker of dolls.......and fluff!

Mainly a maker of sad-eyed dollies.........................although I also create child and adult headbands, clips, brooches and affordable 'pocket money priced' accessories.

A spin-off of my sad-eyed dolls are greetings cards inspired by my doll faces incorporating mixed-media and my undying passion for creepy eyes.

My inspiration comes from a love of the odd, strange, ugly, vintage, false eyelashes, gin..........and FUN!!!!




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