We are a collaborative duo made up of Nic & Becca. Our main focus is handcrafting vegan friendly candles which are clean burning and allergen free. Our little pots of goodness are made from "green"concrete meaning that the products we use have minimal harm to the planet. The pots are also completely reusable once the candle has finished burning. Our idea is to have zero or as little waste as possible. So often candle jars end up going in the bin; our aim is to give people a lovely little pot which they can reuse for lots of different things. For example tealight holder, Mini plant pot etc, the list goes on.
We are super proud to say that our packaging is 100% plastic free & biodegradable. Each candle has been carefully crafted from start to finish using soy bean wax and slow burning cotton / linen wicks which are infused with vegan friendly natural oils which are CLP compliant. Each candle has been finished and sealed with vegan friendly products and have around 10-12 hour’s burn time.
Our aim is to create a new platform within the homeware industry, helping customers think differently about the candles they buy for their home. The majority of high street candles are made from paraffin wax which derives from petroleum, as you can imagine, this is a harmful substance to inhale and can be toxic. Our soy bean candles are clean burning, meaning they create a happier living environment people’s homes & living spaces.



Handmade by Fluster Design