Hand painted geometric wooden

Geometric Baby Friendly Silicone

Kodes Accessories

Kodes are hand painted geometric wooden accessories and baby friendly silicone necklaces. They are hand made in Tottenham, North London.

I started making my jewellery in 2015 to fulfil my need for something a bit quirkier for myself, based around the colour Yellow Mustard. I bought all the materials and when I started wearing the necklace I made for myself I started getting lots of compliments and my friends encouraged me to start making some to sell to the public.

After two years I had a baby and suddenly I found myself in need for a necklace he could play with and chew without breaking it or damaging it. So I started making the silicone necklaces which have proved the perfect accessory while on maternity, keeping Freddie busy when bored or soothed when teething ferociously.

Kodes are bold, colourful, chunky and yet lightweight, the perfect sta
The silicone necklaces are for mums to wear while still looking stylish and perfect and safe for babies to chew on to relieve teething pains or to fidget with while nursing.




Handmade by Fluster Design