Pink Glitter Bag
Hiffycakes bags are handmade with high quality fabrics. The glitter is sparkly and an ideal gift for a bride, bridesmaid or a present to your self. All bags are fully lined with cotton and finished off with high quality.

Personalised Glitter Bag
Hiffycakes is now offering customization on her bags. The designs can be bespoke by choosing from our beautiful glitter colours that are available on our website.


Hiffycakes' is a handmade bags and accessories brand. Hifza makes each and every single bag that's available on the website. The brand has a range of leather and fabric glitter bags that are following current fashion trends. She has a textile degree from University Of The Arts London. Her work experience has been with fashion brands like Jaeger, Caramel Baby & Child and Harrods.




Handmade by Fluster Design