Whipped began in 2014, when Darcelle wanted natural relief from severely dry skin without having to use the prescribed steroid cream. She found the cream that she created had various uses such as soothing dry itchy skin, relief from psoriasis and eczema, improving skin elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks as well as being an all over moisturiser. Whipped wants people to have access to non-toxic, natural skin care products at affordable prices. Clean beauty at cost effective prices is our motto, natural beauty shouldn’t cost a fortune!
Whipped is a range of natural skincare products with an environmental and social consciousness. All products are handcrafted, all natural, responsible sourced and never tested on animals!!! We strive to keep Whipped products as close to nature as possible, making them both child and vegan friendly. 
Our current product offerings include Whipped Body Butters and Whipped Foaming Soaps available in the following scents: Naked (Fragrence Free), Floral, Citrus, Lavender and Sweet Vanilla. 



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